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Business Generation strengthens corporate performance through compelling value propositions.Strengthening corporate performance through strategic planning
Value Propositions
Attracting the attractive
Whether you are a public sector organization or a commercial firm, and unless you are a monopoly, you face a common challenge:
” What will bring our target audience to our door,
and what will bring them back again? “
Customers are hungry for value.

They are attracted by promises, and kept by satisfaction.

Once we have identified our target audience, we therefore need to do (and re-do) three things:

1. Develop a value proposition that matches what we can offer with what the prospects need

2. Communicate to the prospects that the offer is available and why they should take it up

3. Deliver the offer.

We have developed a logical framework to help our clients develop a compelling value proposition for the constituencies that they target.
We call it The Three Ds  : Define.  Declare.  Deliver.

Each leg of our ThreeD© value framework has its own subordinate elements, providing an integrated and comprehensive mechanism for developing and testing value propositions and for introducing and implementing them, including defining optimal KPIs for associated processes.

The ThreeD© value framework can be used by marketers and product development people to review existing value propositions or to develop new candidates.  It doesn’t stop there.  It can support marketing audits, it can flag areas of opportunity across the organisation, it can provide structure and content to customer surveys and staff engagement surveys, and it aligns comfortably with excellence frameworks.

Remember, customers are attracted by promises, and kept by satisfaction.  The ThreeD© value framework will help you formulate promises that are relevant and well balanced, and it will help you measure the rewards of keeping those promises.

Simple.  Logical.  Challenging.  Effective.

Try it out.